Guidance notes

  1. The trainee must draft clear learning objectives for the external placement. The learning objectives must be clearly linked to an appropriate RCR specialty training curriculum and be appropriate to career aims.

  2. Applicants must comply with the Training Scheme Policy on External Placements

  3. A full written application (including learning objectives and the attached form appropriately signed) for external placements should be submitted to the Training Programme Director for senior trainees at least 3 months prior to the proposed start date. Written confirmation from the educational supervisor at the host institution that they are willing to accommodate the trainee should be attached to the application.

  4. Within 6 weeks of completing the external placement, trainees should submit a written report on the placement to the Training Programme Director for senior trainees. This report should summarise what was achieved on the placement with reference to learning objectives; good and bad aspects of the placement; recommendations for trainees who may wish to undertake the placement in the future; contact details. An educational supervisors report from the host institution should be attached to the report.

  5. All documentation listed above must be presented at the end of year ARCP to ensure progression to the next year, or completion of training

 Dr T Sulkin March 2012