SW Peninsula Radiology Academy Policy on External Placements during Academy Blocks

1. All trainees may take up to 15 days internal and 15 days external study leave per year.

2. Trainees in Year 4, 5 and 6 may take an additional 15 days paid external study leave. This additional leave is discretionary and is to allow trainees to organise 'mini-fellowships' and may be taken during the Academy Block. External placements are dependent on satisfactory progression at ARCP, CV development and passing the FRCR IIb. This additional external leave will need to be approved and signed off (on the Academy form) by:

- The Academy Head (to ensure the placement is appropriate use of training time given general CV and career development)

- The Academy College Tutor (to ensure the placement is incorporated into relevant timetables and rotas)

- The trainee's Educational Supervisor (to ensure the placement is appropriately linked to the RCR curriculum, to agree specific learning objectives and to discuss banding payments)

- The Training Programme Director for Post FRCR Trainees (to assess the wider benefit of the placement to the trainee, the local training scheme and the NHS).

- The relevant Academy form will need to be completed and filed on the Academy database. The forms should be available on the e-portfolio or in the portfolio folder for review at the annual ARCP.

3. Trainees who wish to arrange placements for more than 30 days (six weeks) or have used their study leave for other courses, etc. must apply for an OOPT, OOPE or OOPC in accordance with Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education policy. The application forms for OOP activities can be found on this website.

4. Fellowships at the end of Year 5 - Trainees who wish to start fellowships before their CCT date in Year 5 must apply for an OOPT and have prospective GMC approval.  Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education will not fund or part fund these Fellowships, therefore trainees must ensure they are happy with the funding arrangements before taking up the post.  Should the Fellowship (OOPT) overlap the CCT date the trainee will relinquish their NTN from their CCT date and forgo their entitlement to 6 months period of grace post CCT.

 5. Trainees on external attachments and OOPTs will, subject to approval, continue to be paid their basic salary by the South West Peninsula Radiology Training Programme. In such circumstances trainees must ensure they are issued with an honorary contract by their host institution.

 6. No trainee will continue to be paid by the training scheme if they will be drawing a salary from the host institution whist on external placement or OOPT. In such circumstances the host institution will be the employer for the duration of the placement. Trainees on external attachment or OOPT should liaise with the relevant College Tutor and Business Manager to discuss annualising or suspending payment of the banding supplement for out of hours work.  This is a service element and not the responsibility of Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education or Academy.

7. All external placements and OOPTs must be agreed prospectively with at least 3 months notice. They will normally only be approved where a trainee is undertaking sub-specialty training not available on the South West Peninsula Radiology Training Programme or where there are demonstrable benefits to the programme and the NHS

8. Trainees refused external placements may appeal the decision by writing to the RCR Regional Advisor as Chairman of the ARCP panel. The ARCP panel will then convene to hear the appeal.

Dr Tom Sulkin

TPD for post FRCR trainees

Feb 2012